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It is not possible to change the judging class at the World Dog Show after the closing date

After the closing date for entries to the World Dog Show it is not anymore allowed to transfer the dog from one class to another, according to the regulations of the FCI. The dog will participate in the class to which it has been entered, even though it would belong to another class based on titles won after the closing date. The closing date for entries to the World Dog Show is 9 of July.

This rule applies e.g. to a dog that has been entered into the open class but has become a champion at a show held after the 9 of July. At the World Dog Show the dog will still compete in the open class despite its champion title, because it has originally been entered into that class.

It should, however, be noted that this rule applies only to the World Dog Show. If the dog participates in other shows after becoming a champion but before the World Dog Show, the dog will be transferred to the champion class.

The above mentioned practice is caused by the FCI-regulations being applied at the World Dog Show whereas other Finnish dog shows are subject to the show regulations of the Finnish Kennel Club.