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The Finnish Kennel Club is organising the biggest dog show of the year

The FCI World Dog Show, which will be held at Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki on 8-10 August, is going to be the biggest canine event held anywhere in the world in 2014. This international happening is being organised by the Finnish Kennel Club and it will showcase more than 21,200 dogs from 60 different countries. The final deadline for entries was 9 July. When all the participating dogs, breeder categories and brace entries are added together, the total number of entries exceeds 23,000.

Finland accounted for the largest number of entered dogs, more than 10,000, with Russia (4,000+) and Sweden (just under 2,000) holding the next places. The most-shown breed at the FCI World Dog Show 2014 will be a domestic breed, the Finnish Lapphund. More than 500 entries were received for this breed. Finland's four other domestic breeds will likewise have an impressive representation at the event, with more than 200 Lapponian Herders entered and 100+ specimens each of the Finnish Spitz, Finnish Hound and Karelian Bear Dog coming as well.

“For years, Finns have been responsible for the world's best-organised dog shows and this had made Finnish events quite popular. Lots and lots of people are eagerly anticipating our enormous canine spectacle. It's great that Finnish breeders will be coming out in such force as well. This provides owners and breeders of our domestic breeds an opportunity to showcase Finland's magnificent native dogs to the entire world,” says Kari Järvinen, Chairman of the FCI World Dog Show 2014.

In addition to Europe, dogs have been entered from as far afield as the Philippines, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Canada and Japan.

“It's exciting to think that we'll be hosting a weekend visit for thousands of dogs – all of them smart, beautiful, interesting and full of charm! The FCI World Dog Show is comparable to the world championships, perhaps even the Olympic Games, of the canine world, as the event names the best individual from amongst more than 21,000 dogs,” says Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen, who is acting as the official patron of the show.

Tickets are available for sale through the online shop of Messukeskus or from the gates during the event. A canine supplies fair will also be held in conjunction with the event.

The FCI Obedience World Championships are also being arranged in this conjunction. This event starts at Messukeskus on 6-7 August prior to the FCI World Dog Show and its finals will be held at the Energia-Areena in Vantaa on 8 August. Some 100 participants have been entered from 20 different countries. The Heelwork to Music and Freestyle World Championships will also be arranged at Messukeskus on 6-7 August, with 50 competitors for nine countries vying for a title. Tickets to both events will be on sale at the gates during the course of the competition.

Further information:
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