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The Finnish Norwich- and Norfolk Terrier Club will pay half of the WDS entry fees for their members

The board of The Finnish Norwich- and Norfolk Terrier Club has decided to refund half of the entry fees for member-owned Norwich- and Norfolk Terriers entered to the World Dog Show 2014.

Conditions for the payment are that the WDS entry fee has to be paid by May 5th 2014. The owner/owners of the dog need to be members of the club and the membership fee for the year 2014 has to be paid by due date. The club will refund the money against payment receipt after the World Dog Show in August 2014. The entered dog needs to have an earlier official show result.  

-This is our way to encourage the breeders to present their breeding results to the international dog world, says the club’s Chairman Mr. Johan Juslin.

- It is great and admirable that also other breed clubs than those of our domestic breeds want to support the entries and representation of their breed at our World Dog Show. I hope these breeds will be abundantly present at the show, states Mr. Markku Mähönen, the CEO of The Finnish Kennel Club.

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