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The Finnish team took the gold medal in Obedience

The team representing Finland won the gold medal in the Obedience World Championships on Thursday in Messukeskus Helsinki. Germany came second place and the third team was Italy.

The individual competition will take place tomorrow in Vantaa Energia Arena. The finals will be streamed live and the broadcast can be watched here starting at 9am.

In the Freestyle competition on Thursday team Russia took the gold medal. Finland was second and Sweden was third. Results of the individual competition in Freestyle were:

1. Ekaterina Myznikova/Pradas Hause Artist and Danser, Russia
2. Yvonne Belin/Jewel del Mulino Prudenza, Switzerland                                      
3. Marina Novoselova/Funnewf Gloria Dey, Russia

Heelwork to music competition was held on Wednesday. Results of the team competition are:

1. Russia
2. Sweden
3. Denmark

Results of the individual competition:

1. Anja Christiansen/Fæhunden´s Queeny/Denmark            
2. Sandra Jessica Karlgren/Camp Alpha´s Izi/Norway            
3. Natalia Rubleva/Corso Bella Bravo Yung Rein/Russia        

The FCI World Dog Show will start on Friday. More than 21,200 dogs have been entered to the show.