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The first group winners of the World Dog Show have been selected

On the first day of the World Dog Show there were three breed groups competing in the rings. At the end of Friday the best dog from each group was selected to continue to the Best in Show competition on Sunday. Also the World Championship medals in obedience were handed out. The gold medal was won by Sandra Rohrer from Germany.

The official opening ceremony of the show was held in the beginning of the group competition. In the opening ceremony the FCI flag was brought to the arena by dogs and the national song of Finland was performed by opera singer Anglika Klas.

The group winners on Friday were

FCI group 2 - Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dog:
Affenpinscher Tricky Ricky From Yarrow-Hi Tech, owned by Jongkie Budiman and Mieke Cooijmans from Indonesia.

FCI group 4 - Dachshunds
Wire-haired dachshund Dolce Fontana di Trevi, owned by Annaluce Saletti from Italy.

FCI group 8 - Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs
American Cocker Spaniel Pbj's Back In Black, owned by Michael Kristensen, Beauté Pruitt and Jamie Pruitt from Denmark.

In the Best Veteran competition the best veteran dog, that is the best dog over 8-years old, was selected. The Best Veteran title was won by the Cocker Spaniel Flyers Zim Bean, owned by Milla Kaario and Paula Saarinen from Tampere, Finland.

The Best Breeders group was won by Almanza's Flat Coated Retrievers, owners Susanne Karlström and Ragnhild Olin from Sweden.

Also the Best Brace competition, where a dog and bitch of the same owner compete, was held on Friday. The Best Brace of the day consisted of Astra Fortunata Game Point and Astra Fortunata Isida Darck Shadows, owner Vladimir Prokofyev from Russia.

On Saturday a total of 8 151 dogs from the breed groups 3, 5, 6 and 10 will be judged. Among others, more than 500 Finnish Lapphunds will participate. A lot of other dog-related programme will also be offered. See more detailed programme information on the World Dog Show webpage.