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The World Dog Show has had a lively start

The top event of the dog show year, the World Dog Show, has started in Messukeskus, Expo and Convention centre Helsinki, on Friday. On the first of three show days 6 557 dogs will be judged.

The results of the show are updated in real time to the World Dog Show website. Starting at 2 pm you have the opportunity to view the event live through the Internet and it is especially recommended to watch the live stream from 4.15 pm onwards as the opening ceremony of the show begins.

In addition to dog shows the event offers displays of different dog activities - for example agility, dobo and dog bowling are displayed. The event also presents working and service dogs as well as dogs for special breeds and domestic breeds.

The World Dog Show is worth a visit also for shopping. Several sellers of dog-related procucts are present from all over the world. Also sellers that have rarely been seen in Finland are found at the event.

The president of the World Canine Organisation FCI Rafael Santiago stated at the press conference this morning that he is very impressed with what he has seen. He also congratulated the 125-year old Finnish Kennel Club and thanked it for the great job it has done for dogs. 

The Finnish Kennel Club arranges the World Dog Show in Helsinki 8 - 10 August. The show culminates on Sunday in the selection of the best dog, the Best In Show, where the best dog of all 21 247 dogs will be selected.